Cash loan for income from abroad

Good Finance has prepared a very interesting promotion at the end of the year and the beginning of 2018 because on cash loans over USD 20,000 the commission is USD 0. The loan interest rate varies depending on the loan amount and the group to which the client will be assigned. As a standard, a new customer gets an interest rate from 7.79% to 8.99% for amounts from USD 1000 to even USD 160,000.

The maximum loan term is 96 months

The maximum loan term is 96 months

What distinguishes Good Finance from other banks is a new possibility of granting loans to earners in foreign currency. In order for such income to be accepted for the equivalent of a fixed / indefinite employment contract, the client must earn at least 6 months and transfer his remuneration to one of the Polish banks. If the transfers are carried out, we can easily apply for a credit product.

From the documents we will have to provide, as standard, a certificate of earnings from 6 months, an employment contract or equivalent, payslips, and account statement for 6 months. The offer is the same as for cash loans in USD. Good Finance also allows you to apply for a loan by earning in the Norwegian Crown NOK or Swiss Franc CHF.

This bank enables the consolidation of liabilities where the commission is 0% so it is worth to trace your contracts, check whether there is no unnecessary insurance pinned and transfer the liability by doing consolidation or refinancing.

Before sending the application

Before sending the application

It is worth seeing if we plan to pay back less than 7 liabilities because this is the maximum number of loans repaid and in addition whether the liabilities are repaid from at least 6 months (Good Finance will not consolidate younger liabilities).

Good Finance accepts income from the 500+ program only when the loan is for 36 months and then 50% is accepted as income only if the customer has an additional source of income. Similarly, with alimony, which can be considered as income but only for 36 months. Up to 36 months the interest rate on loans is fixed and above this period it changes into the variable interest rate.

Most of the most popular forms of employment are accepted, however, they will be described in another entry specially prepared for Good Finance cash loan.

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