Serious credit in difficult cases

The advertising often promises “serious credit in difficult cases”. But when things get really serious, it is not as easy to get a loan in difficult cases as the advertising suggests. In order to clarify where the problems lie, it must first be defined what is meant by a “difficult case”. There are several reasons that make a loan seeker a “difficult case”. See of critique.

1. A negative Credit Bureau information

1. A negative Credit Bureau information

It is actually always difficult when you have a negative Credit Bureau as a loan applicant. In a negative Credit Bureau there are such negative characteristics as a payment order, warrant, notice of credit or affidavit. This leads banks to conclude that payment behavior is negative. They then usually reject credit requests from borrowers with negative Credit Bureau.

If you urgently need a loan, you don’t have to be satisfied with the rejection, but look for alternatives. Anyone who is a loan seeker and is able to provide the bank with a solvent guarantor who signs the loan agreement has a good chance that a serious loan will ultimately be approved in difficult cases. The security of a guarantor often makes it possible for German banks to get a loan despite bad Credit Bureau.

If you cannot provide a guarantee but have a negative Credit Bureau information, you can alternatively try to apply for a Credit Bureau-free loan from a credit agency. Here, too, the chances are not bad if a loan seeker can prove a regular attachable income from a permanent position that has existed for at least a year.

2. Existing unemployment

2. Existing unemployment

A serious loan in difficult cases for the unemployed can be a little more complicated to get. Banks do not grant loans to unemployed or Hartz IV recipients because no attachable income can be proven. But even in this situation, a guarantee can be a salvation, at least for German banks.

A serious loan in difficult cases for single parents, self-employed or start-ups is difficult to obtain. Whenever those affected are able to guarantee the banks, the chances of getting a loan are quite good. This only works for German banks. If credit intermediaries advertise that a serious loan is possible in difficult cases, loan seekers should always be skeptical. Credit brokers tend to exaggerate and do not always work with serious means. Anyone who thinks of credit without Credit Bureau for difficult cases should know that foreign banks do not accept a guarantor, but generally rely on the creditworthiness of the applicants.

What “difficult cases” should never do

If you consider yourself a difficult case, you shouldn’t be blue-eyed about the advertising that promises a loan in difficult cases. This advertising is distributed by credit intermediaries who do not work seriously in order to lure people in need of money into the trap. Credit intermediaries who advertise in this way often have no intention of brokering loans at all. They want to sell financial products to these customers that bring them good commission.

It is important for loan seekers that they contact a credit broker who works properly, if at all, only then will it be possible to get a serious loan. In such a situation, the house bank can often be the first point of contact. It’s always worth a try.

Lenita Madrid

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